Diary Of A New Author – Part Sixteen


Hello all! Hope you have been well 🙂

Yes, I know, it’s been almost a year since my last entry… Geez, what is with life and being so busy?
I really dislike that word though, and don’t like using it as an excuse to not be doing things that you should or things that you love. I think we let time get the best of us sometimes, but now it’s time to fight back, show time what we’re made of, stop regretting all the time we’ve lost, and start doing something about it!**

** Okay, end of the motivational/disciplinary paragraph.

I have started full time work, so being a University student and having all this time to write books and read with classical music in the background and frolic in a grass whilst holding a book and sitting down in a field under a big oak tree whilst reading, (yeah, all that time) has been stolen away from me by adulthood and responsibility. Urgh. BUT, I’ve decided that I’m going to be working on my next book.

I told you the story, right? How there was a reader who gave me a wonderful review, but also feedback about possibly writing another part, as the ending of Port Arthur was just so… cliffhanging? I considered it… considered it hard… and I decided to do it.

Currently, my niche right now is Australian history, but in particular, British influence and those from the United Kingdom coming to Australia as convicts and the life they lived in gaol, as well as before and after this massive life event. So, I bothered everyone at the Port Arthur Historic Site and exhausted all their knowledge, and now I’m looking at the woman’s perspective – particularly life at Cascades Female Factory.

So here begins my journey into the life that many women from the United Kingdom lived whilst in Tasmania as convicts… The good (which is not really that much), the bad (which is a heck of a lot) and the ugly (… same as the bad).

Welcome all, to the journey we shall take exploring the life of female convicts…

ALL ABOARD! (haha so cheesy)


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