This is a crossroad in your life,
Many you have encountered haven’t been so serious,
But this one here seems to have you in strife,
The ends of each path unknown and mysterious.

You know the two options you have to decide from,
One option you want and one you might not.
You however don’t know what’s left to come,
Which option you choose, escape you cannot.

You look to the left and see something beautiful,
Something that makes you happy and smile,
But you need to be told until it is indisputable,
That that is the path that is surely worthwhile.

You look to the right and don’t see much,
Though you know way down the track you will be content.
Maybe this is the path that is worthy of such,
The path where your future is bright and without lament.

But the choices here are not so easy you see,
Maybe present happiness is temporary
Maybe what you want now is not adequate for,
The future you have, maybe you need more.
But maybe waiting for happiness will ruin your life,
Will leave you in regret, sorrow and strife,
If you make that decision, you really wouldn’t want to,
Look at the choice you could have picked but in fear, with your permission, away it blew.

Now the confirmation you wait for is long overdue,
Something that will soon be able to tell you,
That this important choice you have to make,
Will be now and forever better for your sake.

Which will it be you wonder,
How you hate being stuck in such a blunder,
But the answer will come, and when you make the decision way down the track,
You will wonder why it was such a hard decision in the first place, and you will never look back.


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