Diary Of A New Author – Part Thirteen

Sometimes when I’m bored, I google my name. Yeah, don’t act like you haven’t done it before. You straight away go to Google images, and see what pops up – for a long time, there was some girl named Danielle who was on a TV Show in Australia called ‘Big Brother’ – I think afterwards she went into modelling, but not the nice kind. So, for a long time, when you’d search ‘Danielle’, all kinds of nasty stuff will pop up.

So instead of ‘Danielle’ nowadays, I search ‘Danielle M Maistry’, and sometimes, I even search ‘Port Arthur Maistry’ and see if my book comes up.
I had woken up one morning and got a notification on my WordPress App, and when I was checking out my stats, found that my ‘Walter Paisley’ page was quite a hit. So I asked myself, how are people finding this? I entered Google, and said, ‘If I was an everyday person, what would I search…’ I typed in ‘Walter Paisley convict’ and low and behold, my WordPress page was the first link.

I scrolled down a bit more – when I was researching for my novel, I searched every way possible using various words in various orders, so almost everything on the internet relating to my boy convict Walter, I’ve found or looked at. Everything but one. I saw it had Walter’s name in it, and it was a PDF file. I opened it up and as I scrolled, I found it was just a file about all the convict settlements in Australia. So naturally, I thought Walter would be mentioned at Port Arthur. I kept scrolling and came across ‘Cascades Female Factory’. The first thought that came to my head was, ‘Ah. That’s where Tara would have ended up.’ And then I stayed on that thought. What would have happened to her if she was there?

Naturally all kinds of thoughts ran through my head, and within an hour, I had come up with the entire plot for another book.

The question is, however, will I go through with it?


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