Diary Of A New Author – Part Twelve

So it’s been a while since my book has been published. I’ve kept track of how it’s going on Goodreads, constantly Google my book to see how it’s doing overall, and there’s been a steady increase in it’s publicity, which is awesome.

5 star ratings on Amazon (UK and US), 4.80 rating on Goodreads, copies of my book at a local library, LINC Tasmania Library and the Port Arthur Resource Centre collection. It’s been quite an honour to have people ask me for copies, and I think the only thing I really hope is that they’ll enjoy the book… Not just enjoy it and say ‘That was good,’ but to have that feeling after reading a book, where you spend hours thinking about it – about the story, the characters, the ending.

On top of all of this, I think one thing I am very excited about is my book signing at Dymocks Bookstore in Taylors Lakes, Melbourne, Australia (Earth, Universe). How it happened was through word of mouth… I knew someone who knew someone who knew someone (literally). I think for being with an Indie Author, it’s really important that you do your best and really invest your time and energy into promoting your work. It’s not a bad thing, because I think you learn so much more, and whoever is looking at purchasing your work, you are the one who has to go and meet them – they aren’t meeting your agent, or a representative of your big-shot publishing company; they’re meeting you; the author and the creator of the novel. I think it has much more effect then. Despite what people say, I think face-to-face human interactions are important and make a much greater impression than communication via electronic means.

I encourage all you self-published authors and authors who have published with an Indie Company. Don’t let the fact that you aren’t with the ‘Big 5’ discourage you, or ruin your chances of letting the world see your work. You’ve put so much into it, that you can’t let yourself be discouraged. Go out there, and show everyone why reading your book is a worthwhile experience.


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