Diary Of A New Author – Part Eleven

And off I went, once more, to the place where it all began. This time wasn’t for research purposes, so I wasn’t concerning myself with the thought of making sure I got every single piece of information I needed, as well as everything else there was just in case I went back home and realised I needed more information.

My parents, my dear parents, were kind enough to let me fly to Tasmania with them. It was their anniversary weekend, though they sacrificed it for me and my author life. Literally. But they’ve always been self-sacrificial and willing to help anyway they can, as well as never excluding me from anything – they only got one day to themselves, their actual anniversary day, and even then they wanted me to go sight seeing. But I pushed them out the door and commanded them to enjoy themselves!

Now, back to the trip itself. Have you ever dreamt of doing something, and imagined what it would feel like? For example, dreaming about climbing a mountain and trying to imagine the feeling you’d get once you’re on the top and you’re looking out at the other smaller mountain peaks and little villages below. I’ve always dreamt of going back to Port Arthur, standing in the grounds, looking around and taking a deep breath in. As I would let out a deep sigh, I’d feel an indescribable feeling, and think one thought “I did it. I actually did it. Here is where it all began”.

It was this feeling, these thoughts that rushed to me as I stood there. Looking around and making mental notes in my head… ‘That’s where Walter’s character Peter Wilkins walked…’ ‘That’s where Tara walked with Jeremiah to the dockyards…’ ‘This is where Tara and Peter bumped into each other (literally)…’

I can’t begin to describe the amazing feeling you get when you realised you’ve achieved what you’ve set out to achieve. This feeling makes you appreciate those times when you struggled, when you doubted yourself and felt like giving up. The same feeling which makes you so proud to be you, and makes you so proud to know that you got through the tough times. So, I encourage you. Never give up. No matter what it is. Never, ever give up. If it’s something you want to do, and you’re determined to do, realise that the hardships and those tough moments are there not to stop you, but to make you stronger.


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