From Anti-Fan to Super-Fan: The Discovery of Doctor Who (Part Three)

SEASON 5: 30/09 – 03/10

SEASON 6: 04/10 – 08/10

SEASON 7: 09/10 – 16/10 

SEASON 8: 17/10 – 19/10

Seasons 1-4 has ended, Tennant has reached his predicted death after hearing four knocks, and now we see his regeneration into a younger, somewhat similar looking man. He doesn’t wear glasses, has longer hair, likes bowties and wears suspenders. Hmm…

Matt Smith is the first doctor of new writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. Goodbye Eccleston, Tennant, Rose, Martha and Donna, meant goodbye Russell T Davies. And the difference, for me, couldn’t have been more obvious.

Apart from the change in theme song (which had already changed mid-way between Season 1-4), theme visual and whatever else I spotted when I first began Season 5, including the TARDIS (well, it was on fire, I guess there’s no excuse for that,) and The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (which was predicted to change in a previous episode… Spoilers!), everything for me was new. I didn’t like it. Humans are generally creatures of habit, so I’m not so sure how other’s took to the change, but nevertheless, I continued on. Matt Smith’s Doctor surprised me, however – I had heard feedback from some disappointed fans, but I personally felt he did a pretty good job! I liked him instantly. It did take me a while, however, to get used to his new companion, Amy Pond. I felt as if the Doctor forgot all about his other companions, despite brief mentions of them every now and again, and this, made me feel a little uneasy. I wasn’t watching as many episodes in one sitting as I was with the previous 4 seasons (which I guess is a good thing for my actual life), and found it slightly harder to connect back into the show.

Season 5 went on and then Season 6… We find out who River Song is (finally!) and all the pieces start coming together. Some episodes were great; others were slightly above average (but not by far), but I never lost complete interest, only because I think the previous seasons had showed me the potential the show has. As I always say, I’m no Doctor Who expert, or ‘Super-Fan’ (yes, it says it in the heading, but only because it sounded cool), so this is was just my personal opinion: It was great so far, but a part of me missed Seasons 1-4.

Season 7 began, and low and behold, Amy and Rory here. Again. Rory was great, and I only started liking Amy in the episode when we find out who River Song is. It was only until Season 7 Episode 4, when I realise why the Doctor likes Amy and Rory so much: When Tennant’s Doctor died, he had said goodbye to everyone he had become close with – Rose, Sarah Jane, Jackie & Mickey, Martha, Donna & her grandfather, Captain Jack… His death, even though he would regenerate, still felt like death. It still felt like the life you lived was coming to an end, and that means relationships, friendships, the whole sha-bang. So when The Doctor regenerated, he was a new person; he was the same on the inside, same memories, personality (despite some aspects changing slightly) and other things that make up the core of who you are, but his outside was different, hence why he slightly felt different, and why he decided to start again with his friendships. Amy was the first person he met, with Rory being the second significant person. Hence why he was so close to them. When I understood this, I think it made the episodes easier to swallow and easier to stop comparing Season 5 onwards to Seasons 1-4. It helped me finally enjoy the episodes like I did when I first began. Then, all of a sudden, as I just started appreciating Amy and Rory and started liking Amy, we say goodbye to them! I was actually quite sad in all honesty, but the way they left was heartwarming. Then I watched the next episode about the Snowmen and realised that THE ORIGINAL THEME SONG WAS BACK!!! And it wasn’t the ugly guitar-heavy one, but the one that played on the first episode in Season 1. Yeah, they changed it a little, but it sounded the most similar compared to all the other variations. I was super pumped, and as the episode went on, I was like ‘Yes! This is what I’m talking about! We’re back!’ Absolutely loved it. And Clara? She got the ‘companion-thumbs-up’ from me a few minutes into the episode. Not being bias, but Season 7 from the introduction of Clara onwards became just as good as my beloved Seasons 1-4.
Episode 15 “The Day of the Doctor” was the greatest episode ever (as I bet it is for many Doctor Who fans!)

And soon we say a sad goodbye to the amazing Matt Smith and an interesting hello to Mr Peter Capaldi in Season 8. I think the transition was hard, as I grew to like Smith very very much (so much so that when he was side by side with Tennant, I was inclined to steer in favour of him). I also heard about  how there’s only a limited amount of regenerations (meaning that because Smith is technically the twelfth doctor, he shouldn’t have been able to regenerate again), however, this is sci-fi, and therefore, anything is possible, including breaking the rules. I was excited to see Capaldi, and was on edge when Clara was in denial of his new appearance. But I can safely say that I liked Capaldi straight away. Until the part where I thought that he’s definitely not the same doctor he abandons Clara with the half human half robot man, but I quickly saw that it was furthest from the truth. The phone call from Trensalaw was an important scene, and despite my prior uneasy and partly skeptic all feelings towards Steven Moffat, I can safely say that he managed the transition from Smith to Capaldi very well. Well done Mr Moffat, and I’m truly sorry for doubting you. Now, I’m back where I was when I first watched the series – pumped and ready for future adventures!

Season 8 was brilliant and Capaldi did not disappoint. I was glad Clara was still with us, but became a little skeptical of her because of her change in feelings for The Doctor now that he looks different (I obviously had all kinds of feels when she states her love for her boyfriend in front of the Doctor, who does the whole disappointed look thing; absolutely broke my heart). But I like the continued mystery throughout the episodes, and what can I say? It’s been yet another great season. Ended with a shocker, I must admit… I have no idea about what will happen next. 

Anywho, I definitely CANNOT wait to watch Season 9! But until then, I shall continue on with my life. It’s been a fun adventure, with The Doctor and his many companions, but it’s about time I used the hours in the day to continue on with my novels…

As for The Doctor himself, what can I say? Who doesn’t love him despite all his regenerations? There’s a topic of conversation which fans, and even people who’ve never watched it (like me a few years ago) know about –
Who is the best Doctor?


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