From Anti-Fan to Super-Fan: The Discovery of Doctor Who (Part Two)

SEASON 1: 16/09 – 22/09
SEASON 2: 22/09 – 24/09
SEASON 3: 25/09 – 27/09
SEASON 4: 28/09 – 30/09

As you can see, I am probably bordering on obsession for this TV show (even got myself a spanking new TARDIS keyring which I am absolutely ecstatic about!) 2 weeks and I’m already up to Season 5. But who can blame me? I think anyone who has watched Doctor Who would understand where I’m coming from. It’s such a great show, and I think the thing that makes it so is the fact that anything is possible. With Sci-Fi in general, anything is possible as long as you’ve got a complicated but logical reasoning behind it. And because anything can happen, you’re never left bored. Anyway. Back to the show.

Seasons 1-4, I think, have been FANTASTIC! Lots of ups and downs; times I’ve been frustrated at the companions and other times I’ve loved them; times I’ve been worried about what was going to happen and times I’ve gone back to re-watch a line or two that’s made me laugh. I think the entire series is quite an adventure. It has the ability to suck you into their world where anything goes, and I think it’s this ability which keeps it’s fans wanting more. You find yourself thinking deeply about the strange reality of some of the topics, like how humanity would react to such events, how it would treat people who have sacrificed to save it, and even how individuals would react in extreme situations. It makes you wonder what you would do if you were in the same situation – if you would do as the Doctor says and not move, or if you would go on and get yourself into trouble. I have mixed feelings about continuing on with the series. Now that Tennant is gone, I feel as if The Doctor himself has died. I know Matt Smith is up next in Season 5, and that the writer  and producer of Doctor Who has changed in Season 5 onwards. Will I like it? 

Hmm… Let’s find out, shall we? 


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