From Anti-Fan to Super-Fan: The Discovery of Doctor Who (Part One)

I was that one kid in the group in highschool that was on my phone when all my friends were ranting on about the hit sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who.’ I was that same kid who didn’t mind hearing about spoilers and what-have-you, because I was never going to watch it. Yeah, I was a nerd – I loved IT Crowd, Firefly and Lord of the Rings  – but I wasn’t that much of a nerd. I heard about it so much so that I felt I knew the show without even having to watch it. How the doctors change, who my friends thought was the best doctor, and all that jazz. So what was the point of watching it?

3 years later, I’m flicking through channels and see ‘Doctor Who’ on TV. I knew enough to know it was one of the recent episodes. Some Peter Capaldi dude was the new doctor. It was late, I couldn’t sleep, and nothing else was on, and… Oh wait… Something funny happened. I smiled. Hmm, I thought. Let’s see where this goes. Without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it (I don’t even know what episode it was, somewhere in Season 8), I thought it was okay but not enough to make me watch it from the start… Until I spoke to my publisher and his wife the next day. I told them I had watched Doctor Who and they told me it was an amazing series and that I should really give it a go. I had been sick the week prior, and had watched the whole Archer series while I lay half asleep in bed from the flu, and needed a new TV Show anyway. So. I went on Netflix, searched it up, and pressed PLAY. 

At that moment, I sat there with my phone in my hands playing the TV show I promised myself I wouldn’t watch only because… Wait. Why did I not want to watch it in the first place?


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