Diary Of A New Author – Part Nine


‘Port Arthur’ Book Launch 2015

The book launch is officially over and was a massive success!

The whole morning I’d been the victim of stomach cramps and heart palpitations, but when it started and the ball was rolling, I must say, I quite enjoyed it.

I was so excited to sign books with my new fancy fountain pen, and found it so weird that everyone was lining up by the desk to get a copy of my work. 

We started off with an interview type thing, and after that I gave a little spiel about the background of the book and the creation process behind it, and did a small reading from the novel – I was quite nervous but I decided to make it more of a conversation with the crowd than anything else… Then next thing I knew, it was time to pack up and go home!

The day was great, and all the right people attended – had a lot of support and even met some new people who were excited about my novel and even my upcoming novels. I even had a fellow author come by, which really boosted my confidence. It’s nice to know that people like you who are more advanced in their work can take the time off to support a beginner. I’m very excited for what’s to come, and so thankful and blessed that it all went smoothly! 

What’s next now? Hmm… 

Pictures and a video of my speech is available to view on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/daniellemmaistry


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