Diary Of A New Author – Part Seven

Book Launch preparations!

I’ve read so many blogs and websites that I honestly feel like I don’t know anything. You know when you overdo something and instead of improving it makes you feel worse? Kind of like, oversleeping or… Yeah…

Booked out a venue, a lovely looking library, and I’ve got some people who said they were coming on the Facebook event, so it’s going well so far. I think what I’m most concerned about is over-talking, making it too formal and most importantly, not doing my signature properly and consistently… I wanted to go all out old-style and get ink and a quill to give it a ‘historical feel’, but who am I kidding…

To all of you who have hosted many successful book launches, I tip my hat to you! 

I feel like a live a double life. University student by day, author by night. Haha, that sounds lame. Anyways, it’s exciting. I think it’s more exciting because I can share this historical world I escaped to when I wrote this novel… People can join in on the drama and suspense, while feeling like they’ve gone back in history to a simpler time! 

By the way, if you’re reading this and you’ve been reading my other entries, or you saw this and thought it was interesting enough to read until now, thank you for doing so! You could be doing other things but you’re here. It’s people like who whose support I cherish like you wouldn’t imagine, so thank you very very much. 


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