Diary Of A New Author – Part Five

Now it’s beginning to seem more and more real!

The editor sent me back my manuscript and I got it back to my publisher last week. There were a lot of changes which helped me realise the things I need to work on while writing. Most of the changes I agreed with, though some were a little hard to accept, which I guess is the point of editing – you may think that this part is vital, but the editor, someone who has never read your book before, has a completely different perspective. So that taught me a little lesson on how to trust expertise! My editor did a great job though, and I’m really grateful for her. Some mistakes were reoccurring too, so I felt sorry for her at times! 

Now that editing is done, the ebook format has been done, and the hardcopy will be arriving soon for us to proof read. I really hope it’ll look good! 

Anyways, now it’s time to promote. I’ve had one buyer so far buying a pre-order copy of the ebook, which is awesome, so looking forward to more people reading my work.

I sometimes think it’s a bit strange, having people buy my book. I mean, I’ve always wanted people to read my work and enjoy it as much as I do, and I’ve always wanted to publish it – the thought of having a hardcopy book in front of you with your story inside is something I’ve always dreamed of. But the whole promotion thing was something I didn’t really think of – I didn’t really want to make money out of my work, only because I enjoy doing it so much that money doesn’t really matter; guess that’s the reason why I’m not so much of a marketer! But that’s what comes with the business, I guess.

Anyway, I think the promotion procedure is a good opportunity to let people know that my book exists, and that it’s worth a read.

Yeah… That sounds about right… 


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