Majority of us have surely heard of the first cloned sheep, Dolly. We would have heard of scientists beginning to discover the world of cloning, and we have most likely heard of genetically-modified fruit and vegetables. What majority of us do not know, however, is how far scientists have actually gone.

The natural processes of nature, which include the environment, plants and animals, have all now been affected by scientists who have decided to meddle with the natural fabrics of life. They have decided to spend money on pointless experiments, such as attaching tiny electronic devices into insects to create small robots, when this money could be used to help improve humanity – in particular, help improve the conditions individuals live in; the same conditions we would be outraged with it we were forced to live there.

Bio-engineering as a whole, is not something we should take lightly. Unfortunately, because we thought we needed things to improve our life, we created them, and as a consequence of that, we needed ways to fix the damage they have caused. Which means more experiments, more technologies, more cures, which leads to more consequences. And this vicious cycle continues on and on.

It is obvious that individuals have been selectively breeding animals and plants for centuries. Individuals in the ancient world as well as the medieval world, all selective bred cattle and produce, though they did this innocently and without any reason behind it. They simply thought that it would be good to develop carrots which were brighter orange than white, and so chose to continue planting the more pigmented carrot seeds instead of the boring white ones. And so this process began over a wide range of things.

So if people have been selectively breeding for centuries, why is it a bad thing now? I don’t think it is bad to selectively breed, however, it is interesting that we now do so on purpose – because we are now aware of the procedure. But then there is genetically modified plants and animals.

Genetically modifying animals and plants involves changing their genetic makeup, altering the way they develop and grow – unnaturally. This is where I feel we have gone too far. I do not think we have the right to meddle with nature, because we are responsible for looking after it. Which means that we should be letting things run naturally instead of artificially. 

For example, we are bio-engineering animals; creating hybrids. The liger (tiger and lion), is not made naturally, but by artificial insemination. The product is an animal bigger than both cats, and one which is infertile and therefore cannot breed; isn’t this biological reason enough to prove to us that we should not be doing such thing? Animals are meant to reproduce; by us meddling with this, we are causing unnatural processes to occur, and inhibiting those which are natural and organic. Another example is the Belgian Blue cow, which was selectively bred for the ability to gain a large amount of muscle mass. The result now is absolutely monstrous sized cows which are too big to breed by themselves; in order to do so, it must be done outside the womb. Is this right? 

I understand that the growing population needs more food, and so making animals which have more meat on them seems like the plausible answer. But I feel that we should not be going to the stage of changing an animals genetic makeup to do so. 

What will happen if scientists go too far? I feel they already have, and anymore damage made will surely ruin the environment and the plants and animals who inhabit it. Instead of taking care of nature, we have exploited it to a stage where we have done immense amounts of damage, so much so that it might already be too late to restore our environment and its creatures to its once organic and natural state. 


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