The Diary Of A New Author – Part One

I sat in my parents’ room; my laptop on my lap, my leg shaking nervously, my hands beginning to feel moist. I stared at the screen. My email was open, and my mouse was positioned over the ‘Send’ button. My parents encouraged me, told me that whatever happens is the will of God. I closed my eyes, said a short prayer, and pushed the button. With a click, the email was sent, and I sat back, sighed, and prayed a prayer of thanks.

That feeling. I honestly did not know what was to happen. For seven years, this story has been in my mind. In one year of intense researching which included countless of emails to correspondents in Tasmania, multiple uses of the chat function on LINC Tasmania’s website, handfuls of book loans, hundreds of documents and pictures saved on my computer, even my entire savings to fund my research trip to Tasmania, all of it was finalised in this one document, this one final manuscript of my long awaited novel. And now it was gone, sent to a publisher to be under scrutiny and to be either given a thumbs up or a thumbs down. I didn’t know how I would handle being rejected, but I knew that whatever happened, it was now in God’s hands.

Early the next morning, I had been looking through my phone and erasing things to clear up some memory space. I started to erase unwanted emails, and for some reason, something told me to look in my junk folder, something I rarely do. There, was an email sent the previous night, 13 February 2015 at 6:52pm, from my publisher. I froze. My hands began to moisten up again. I gulped and opened it. “I have read over your submission and would like you to send over your full manuscript for review”. I stared at my screen, and as the words finally began to make sense in my brain, I began to smile. I quickly shot up and called my father, then my mother. The news was out. I was accepted to be published. The excitement lasted days, weeks. Soon, I had gotten into contact with my publisher, who began to take me through the process. He set me up with other authors, gave me forms to fill, interviews to respond to…

And now, I wait patiently, for the processes that can be done so early has already been done. What will be next? Deciding what my front cover will look like? Being in constant contact with my own personal editor? I can hardly wait…


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